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Counselling at Cavendish Wellness

Counselling Services at Cavendish Wellness

Would you like to learn how you can be more positive, happier in life and achieve goals to improve confidence? Would you like to practice mindfulness? You don’t have to speak to a therapist just because you are in a crisis. Many people seek counselling to explore their sense of self, to explore existentialism, to reduce stress and to achieve more of a balanced life.

At Cavendish Wellness we offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Psychotherapy and/or Talk Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance Compassion Therapy (ACT), or Solution Focused Therapy.

Together we can manage issues such as:

  • work-related stress
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • eating disorders & body image issues
  • low confidence
  • bullying
  • trauma
  • self-harm
  • couples counselling
  • child & adolescent therapy
  • narcissistic abuse recovery
  • ADHD assessments

If you have been feeling low or anxious, or you are simply finding that life is getting a bit too stressful, why not get in touch with our friendly team?


Interested in finding out how you can benefit from Counselling Psychology at Cavendish Wellness?  Get in touch today.

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