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Many of us go to the gym or a fitness class to stay in shape but isn’t it reassuring to know that you are benefitting yourself from a health and longevity perspective too? Overall, what we call ‘optimal’ is the same for all of us: a lower body fat, strong muscles, being flexible and supple in our movements, and undertaking workouts which energise us and redress any imbalances created in our lifestyles.

There are three main types of exercise you need in order to stay healthy from an all-purpose perspective:


This is aerobic exercise and refers to anything that gets your heart rate up over an extended period.  Think running, cycling, swimming and walking, as well as dance classes, or circuits.  When we work the cardiovascular system, we oxygenate the body which is great for heart and brain health alike and also reduces our mortality.


Also known as resistance training, this type of exercise includes traditional weights training, body-weight training and activities such as yoga or Pilates. It builds muscle mass, which burns fat. Having lean muscle mass is key in staying healthy. Strength training can also help to build stronger bones and ward of osteoporosis, as well as improving cognitive levels.


Flexibility training includes yoga, Pilates and stretching.  It is key in correcting imbalances caused by strength training and general poor posture from modern life. It complements your resistance training. As well as preventing injuries and improving posture, this type of exercise lengthens muscles, gets energy into your cells, makes cardio activity a lot lighter and easier, and even helps you to travel more comfortably.

At Cavendish Wellness, our movement experts will work with you to create a bespoke training plan based on your needs and desires.

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